The Interior Design of a Car is most importance when modifying for street credit. We have a massive range of interior design ideas to customize any car on the road. This guide gives a range of products for trasnforming the interior of any car into a modified street cruising extreme dream machine.

Seat Covers  
Click here for Seat Cover Patterns  

Steering Wheel Covers
Hand Stitched Steering Wheel add allure to the driving pleasure. It completes the car interior when natched with Seat Covers
Steering Wheel Covers (Price)
Stallion Leather
Studio Nappa Leather
Steering Wheel Cover (Crafted) 2500.00 4000.00
Steering Wheel Cover (Hand Stiched) 1600.00 2000.00

Door Pads  
Ideally suited for luxury Sedan's. The door trims complete the interiors providing an air of plush leather feel  

Gear Know / Boot
Available in both vehicle specificatoin and universal sizes, the leather know / boot adds styles and colour to the interiors.
Gear Knob (Price)
Stallion Leather
Studio Nappa Leather
Gear Knob (Crafted) 600.00 900.00
Gear Boot 800.00 1000.00

Hand Brake Cover  
Hand Brake Cover (Price)
Stallion Leather
Studio Nappa Leather
Hand Brake Cover 400.00 600.00
Hand Brake Boot 600.00 700.00


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